1 Pound Organic Wheatgrass-Azomite & Laminated Instructions

1 pound of Wheatgrass, Packed in Zip Close Mylar Bag.

Includes Laminated Instruction & Azomite 70+ Minerals & Trace Elements.

Certified Organic Wheatgrass Seeds–1 Pound-Guaranteed to Grow.

Over 13,000 Seeds.

Just Some of the Benefits of Wheatgrass:

  •  1 oz of wheatgrass is equivalent to over 2 lbs. of leafy greens.
  •  A shot of wheatgrass and you've met your vitamin requirements for the day.
  •  Improves digestion, fertility and stabilizes blood sugar levels.
  •  The high amount of chlorophyll increases oxygen levels in the blood, an important part of detox and cleansing.
  •  Has over 89 vitamins and minerals! More vitamin C than an orange, more vitamin A than carrots.
  •  Contains 30 digestive enzymes, and thereby aids in the body's digestive process. It is known to refine and renew cell tissues.
  •  Stimulates the thyroid gland, which is essential to regulate metabolism.
  •  Protects the body against chemicals that cause cancer.
  •  Helps to fight acne!! 
  •  Chlorophyll helps purify the liver.
  •  Drink wheatgrass juice for skin problems such as eczema or psoriasis.
  •  Chlorophyll improves blood sugar problems.
  •  Wheatgrass juice can remove heavy metals from the body.
  •  Wheatgrass is gluten-free because it’s cut before the grain forms.
  •  Wheatgrass has more vitamin C than oranges and twice the vitamin A as carrots!


1 Pound Organic Wheatgrass-Azomite & Laminated Instructions
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